Ben van den Dungen finished his jazz study tenor- and soprano saxophone cum laude at the Royal Academy of Music in The Hague, The Netherlands in 1988. Ben has been performing as a jazz musician since 1983, but his professional career took off one year later, when he won the prestigious NOS Jazz award 1985. Ben has performed with numerous ensembles and did over the years around 4500 concerts in about 70 countries.

In 1984 he started his own group with trumpeter Jarmo Hoogendijk as co-leader: Van den Dungen/Hoogendijk Quintet (contemporary hard-bop). Later on Ben and Jarmo established the ensemble ‘Brand New Orleans’ (modern jazz with African percussion) and he joined the Latin-Jazz formation ‘Nueva Manteca’ in 1986. With these groups they were frequently touring during the 1980′s and 1990′s throughout Europe, USA, Canada and South America.

Together with violinist Tanya Schaap, Ben founded the group ‘Tango Extremo’ in 2003. Since its inception the ensemble has made remarkable development, making a big impression on both the Dutch as well as the foreign stages. The group has performed in many countries across the world, such as Argentina, Uruguay, China, Russia, Kurdistan, South Africa, Botswana, Venezuela, Colombia, Ecuador, Bolivia, Aruba, Curaçao, South Korea, and Mexico. In Europe they performed in Spain, Italy, Ireland, Denmark, Iceland, Greenland, Turkey, Croatia and France. And in 2009, Ben initiated a new project named ‘Motion Unlimited’, an ambitious project bringing together classical musicians with jazz musicians. In 2012 Ben started his new quartet, Ben van den Dungen Quartet

As a sideman, Ben has had the privilege to share the stage with a great amount of incredible musicians, including: Mal Waldron, Art Taylor, Woody Shaw, Jimmy Knepper, Kirk Lightsey, Ralph Peterson, Cindy Blackman, Lester Bowie and Jim McNeely.

Ben has been teaching both saxophone as well as ensemble playing since 1990 at the Academy of Music (Codarts) in Rotterdam. He has been guest lecturer at the conservatoria of Hilversum, Zwolle, Groningen and The Hague. Also he has been invited as a guest teacher at the academies of music abroad, Royal College of Music, Salvador Bahia University, La Plata Jazz School, Seoul Art College, International jazz work shop ’Giovani Leoni’, Cali El Collectivo and Cultural centre BANF. Also he has been the Artistic director of the Jazz Academy of the Conservatorium of Rotterdam from 2004 until 2008. Since 2012 he became the artistic director of The International Alternative Music School in Seoul.

Ben has been the producer of 20 recordings over the years and as sidemen he recorded around 70 albums.




Heart of the Matter

Fresh Fruit

A latin tribute to West Side Story



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